New Service: Paint Cleaning & Fluorine Coating

We are glad to announce that we have added a new service to our menu. Aptly named as the G’ZOX Paint Cleaning as it deep cleanses into the pores of the paint to remove light oxidation and contaminants. This will help remove stains that are not removable during a car wash, restoring the gloss and colour of good condition paintwork.

This is service is recommended for cars that are polished on a regular basis. *Cars that already have Real Glass Coat/Quartz 7/Hi-Mohs Coat do not have to perform this service*

As our lowest entry paint conditioning service, it is targeted to car owners who prefer regular polishing and ‘waxing’.

Furthermore, we believe our price makes it affordable for everyone!




This service will not remove at scratch or swirl marks from the paint, it is simply deep cleaning the paint. If you are unsure whether or not this service is suited for your car, drop by to our centre to receive a free, no obligation analysis!

On top of the paint cleaning, we will also a coat of Fluorine Coating, which is a “hard & tough” fluorocarbon coating that will last approximately 3 months in Malaysian weather.

Prices are as below:

Small: RM 200
Large: RM 250
MPV: RM 320


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