The G’Zox Difference

Why G’Zox?

Compared to traditional waxes

Traditional waxes are based on formulas develop decades (and even centuries) ago that utilize a combination of oils and waxes (like carnauba) to bond to your car’s surface. These waxes are unstable and usually degrade after months, especially in our hot Malaysian weather. Even newer ‘synthetic waxes’ which claim to last slightly longer and use high tech polymers are still bound by traditional formulations which are applied the old way. These liquid wax/paste wax formulas are no match for the latest technological breakthrough -something we’d like to call glass coating – which comes with a brand new concept of automotive paint protection.

Compared to other ‘nano coatings’

Now there’s a lot of jargon out there that others use to describe these paint coatings like ‘nano’, ‘ceramic’, ‘diamond’, ‘crystal’ or even a combination of a few. You might be caught in a situation where you’d have a handful of pamphlets in your hands with everyone seemingly promising you the same thing. So why then G’Zox? Its because for one, we are proud of our history and our heritage. Being part of the Soft99 Group, Japan’s No.1 car care company, we have developed technology, products and techniques that span over 50 years and we continually lead the industry in our R&D.

Internationally and locally, our partnerships with Japan’s Super GT, the F3000 Powerboat Series, Porsche Malaysia and JPM Motorsport have come about through these organizations’ trust in our company and its products and services – the same confidence you have when your car is maintained here at G’Zox.

Paint Flattening

Fantastic products backed by a polishing team that gets your paint flat as can be...


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