So, you want to be a detailer do you?

We are looking for a trainee detailer to join the G’zox Malaysia team as soon as possible. However, before we outline the benefits the position will offer, it is really important that we take a moment to be brutally honest with you. Many people seem to think that being a professional detailer must be the coolest job ever, and in some ways it is. Working on amazing cars day in day out and doing something you love to do for a living is pretty awesome, but there is also a harsh reality to being a detailer that we must be clear about from the start. If you think that detailing is just a job think again, because it isn’t. It’s more like a lifestyle choice, and the spirit of what it involves will need to run deep in your veins if you are to succeed and thrive as a G’zox Malaysia detailer. If this doesn’t put you off and you know deep inside that you will work as hard as it takes no matter what to meet our standards and become one of the best in the business, read on.

Detailing to our standards is extremely challenging. If you think you are fussy think again. Plenty of people claim to be fussy, but you will only truly begin to know what fussy means if you secure the position with us. If you think you are physically fit and your body can take a lot of hard work think again. For the first six months with us you are going to ache and be sore like never before. In addition, you are going to need boundless enthusiasm and a hugely positive mental attitude to get through your training period with us, as you will receive daily feedback on how best to improve your skills. To be able to thrive and develop a broad set of detailing skills you will need to have bundles of energy and a burning desire to learn. You will need to work as many hours as it takes to get every car finished to the right standard. The main duties of the role will be as follows:

• Detailing prestige and performance cars to the highest possible standard, in line with the service options currently offered to G’zox Malaysia detailing customers
• Maintaining your workspace to the highest possible standard, i.e. sweeping and mopping the floor after every detail, cleaning your tools and equipment, tidying up at the end of every day, etc
• Dealing with detailing customers, mainly in person when vehicles are dropped off and collected, but also occasionally on the phone to make or rearrange bookings

In addition to the above, the new team member will also be expected to help out in the retail warehouse from time to time and to attend car shows and other promotional events as and when required. Although no previous experience of detailing in a professional capacity is required (as full training will be given), it will obviously be of benefit if applicants have a keen amateur interest in proper car care. The position is full time, Monday to Saturday, although additional evening and weekend work will sometimes be required, and the salary will be negotiable dependent upon on the successful candidate’s skills and experience.

To apply for the role, please e-mail it or post it back to us along with an up to date copy of your resume.


G’zox Malaysia partnership with Petronas Malaysia

We are here to introduces Petronas as a key strategic partners to ensures momentum of growth continues. A new and stronger PREMIER with competitive advantage in Malaysia. G’zox Petronas the idea detailing centre we choose.


Volvo S60 T5 : Polished & Coated by G’zox Paint Protection Coating

This brand new VOLVO S60 T5 have been coated by G’zox Quartz 7 Coating. A layer of paint protection coating which can last up to 5 years depending how you take care your car as well. So, are you ready to ride the power of VOLVO ?



Maserati GranTurismo Range MC Sports : Coated by G’zox Hi-MOHS Coat Paint Protection

Maserati GranTurismo Range MC Sports

Created to emphasise the sporting DNA of the Maserati cars, the “MC Sport Line” is for customers who wish to express their passion for sports cars with a dynamic look, and want the very latest technical solutions to enhance their driving pleasure. The “MC Sport Line” range was developed with the help of the Maserati Corse racing team’s technicians on the basis of their competition experience. To create a super lasting glossy shine, of course G’zox Hi-MOHS Coat the perfect choice.