In addition to Real Glass Coat having high water repellency, it is also highly dirt-repellent and durable. To attain the high efficiency of Real Glass Coat, it has to be professionally applied using proper operation procedures. The performance of Real Glass Coat will be maximized only after professional application by trained individuals.

High water repelling efficiency not present in conventional waxes

Weather resistance – The body is protected from environmental attacks such as ultraviolet rays and acid rain.

Anti-fouling property – Because the dirt and grime does not adhere, it is easily removed by rinsing with water.

Adhesiveness Real Glass Coat forms a strong bond to the paintwork, this ensures long-term durability.

Heat resistance – Real Glass Coat will not soften when exposed to high temperatures, this prevents dirt and grime from embedding into the coat.

Chemical resistant – Deterioration of the paint by the corrosive substances such as strong degreasers and the like is prevented.

High solid – Truly hard coating reduces the risk of swirl marks.

Gloss – Real Glass Coat produces a beautiful glass-like shine.

Clarity – Due to the transparent property of the coat, a deep gloss with extreme clarity is attainable.

Dirt will not embed onto the coating under high temperatures

It is difficult for dirt to embed onto the coating and any soiling can easily be removed with a rinse with water. Real Glass Coat prevents the paint from being damaged from acid rain and paintwork will continue to shine over a long period of time, this substantially reduces maintenance of the paint.


Conventional waxes

Dirt embeds into conventional waxes when exposed to high temperatures. Conventional waxes soften in high temperatures, this allows dirt to embed into the wax. When the paint is being rinsed with water, the dirt remains embedded in the wax  and this is not removed when being rinsed with water.


5 months exposure test

As seen in the test below, the conventional wax and fluorine based coating does not repel water strongly anymore. However, the strong water repellent effect of G’Zox Real Glass Coat is still present.



24 thoughts on “Performance

  1. Hi, how much to do the coating on a Peugeot 407?

    What is coated? – body, rims, glass, lights?
    Warranty – how long?
    Any maintenance required?


    • Dear Mr Wan:

      Thank you for your interest on our service & congratulation on your big day.. We do have a few coating available for you depending on what you want us to do on your car.
      The best thing to do is for us to view the car before we can quot you the best price. Please give us a call to arrange an appointment to view your car…. at the same time we can arrange an appointment to work on your car.

      Sunway 03-56389880

      Jimmy CHIN
      Head of Sales & Marketing

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